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Darkness falls across the LAN: a seasonal poem

To fully appreciate this you should voice it like Vincent Price in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, which is obviously the lyrics from which this has been spoofed. Listen to that track starting at 4 minutes 15 seconds here

So, here goes:

Darkness falls across the LAN
Powerpoint is close at hand
Users crawl in search of clue
To terrorize the printer queue

And whosoever shall be found
Without a soul from Redmond
Must stand and face the hounds of Dell
And rot inside a Windows shell

The foulest stench, your face it slaps
The cruft of forty thousand apps
And grizzly gangs from every spammer
Are closing in with suspect grammar

And though you fight to run your code
Your PC starts to jitter
For no mere user can resist
The evil of … the Twitter.