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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… Lugradio is at an end

On Thursday evening last week just as I was about to leave work, I had a phone call from Jono Bacon to tell me that the Lugradio team had decided to call it a day. This is a great shame, but ultimately the guys believe that it’s the right choice. They’re probably right. The shows are still good and they won’t be able to go on for ever. As I said to Jono on the phone: “Remember Series VI, VII and VIII of ‘Red Dwarf’? They should have quit while they were ahead.” No-one wants to see it drag on and stagnate.

The official announcement was made today in this week’s episode and took many people by surprise: the crew had decided to give a “heads up” to long-time Lugradio ‘people’ in advance.

This means that Lugradio Live 2008 in Wolverhampton on 19-20 July will be the last recording and the last event (probably): we can go out with a shout. I will be there 🙂

Bruno describes this sad day very nicely.

Many thanks to all the presenters over the years: Jono, Aq, Sparkes, Matt, Ade, Adam and Chris. So long and thanks for all the fish. I mean, all the chin.