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Lugradio-in’ makes me feel good…

Lugradio Live 2008

And so the annual pilgrimage to Wolverhampton for Lugradio Live happened. Excellent, as expected. The above photo shows me in the background, sat between Dave ‘Schwuk’ Murphy (yellow T-shirt) and Steve Lamb Of (Erm…) Microsoft. Some good talks, lots of interesting people to talk to: the Usual Crew, MrBen, Bruno, Neuro, Bryn, Oojah, plus the Lugradio presenters of course. Chatted with a few new people too.

During the Saturday evening party, I’m proud to say that karaoke was perpetrated. Until I can find an actual photo of me with the microphone, we’ll have to make do with this:

Ghostbusters logo

That’s right, I sang ‘Ghostbusters’. It went down quite well and had plenty of audience participation. Thanks for all your kind words, people 🙂 If anyone has an actual photo of this, please let me know!