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Snow, and Young People Today

For the last few days it has seemed like it was a nation-wide wind-up that there was snow, seeing as everyone all around us in the country was claiming to have had loads of snow, yet we had hardly seen a thing. This morning, however, it arrived. About 4 inches, I think. Not 10cm, because you measure snow in *Imperial*, like beer.

St Giles in the snow

One thing that depressed and upset me this morning though was the behaviour of certain younger members of the public: some 10-13-year-old schoolboys. They were throwing snowballs at the bus[1]. I wasn’t upset about the fact that they were throwing snowballs, which in the circumstances is acceptable scallywaggery. No, I was upset because their aim was so shocking. Clearly, these boys lack even a rudimentary understanding of simple projectile mechanics. It’s very, very sad. This is surely a reflection on their Modern Education. I mean, come on! The bus was 10m long and moving at less than 20mph: a toddler could have managed to hit it…

[1] No way I was biking today, thank you

2 Responses to Snow, and Young People Today

  1. i totally agree . unfortunately i wasnt that lucky, the little buggers hit the bus i was travelling on this morning and nearly gave me a heart attack.

  2. @alison: Oh well, this will have kept you awake at least … 🙂


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