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Lego for boys v. Lego for girls

Normally the two girls play lego on their own. Yesterday, I played lego with the oldest (aged eight) instead. This interesting adventure for her led to the discovery of what can only be described as Boy Lego, rather than Girl Lego.

It all began sedately enough, each of us constructing a small house in the empty lego ‘village’. I then began building something rather different in the front ‘garden’ of my house: a swivel mounted, high-calibre artillery piece to be exact.

“Er… what are you building there, Daddy?”, she asked, eying the new construction suspiciously.
“It’s a gun. A really big gun”, I replied. “Just in case.”
“Just in case what?” she demanded.
“Just in case they” – I pointed to the far end of the Lego village – “decide to invade. Why don’t you turn your little house into a guard tower to watch over the main road?” I suggested.
“Well … OK”, she agreed, somewhat reluctantly.

We continued building for a while in silence. Then I found another circular, swivel piece.

“Ah! Just what I need: this can be for my new gun turret”, I muttered, mostly to myself. Not quietly enough, as it turned out.

“Gun turret?”, she demanded. “It’s not a gun turret, it’s a merry-go-round. For the village’s Children’s Play Area.”
“Not any more it’s not. Now it’s a gun turret”, I explained.
“Gun turret for what?”, she asked
“For my little tank.”, I responded.
“Tank? You haven’t got a tank”, she stated.
“This tank here” – pointing at my future tank – “and it needs a turret on the top.”
“That’s not a tank, it’s a taxi. That’s always a taxi when I play with $SISTER.”, she complained.
“Well, it’s a tank now. We need mobile defence in case of invasion, you see. The guard tower and fixed artillery are limited in their scope when faced with a mobile enemy.”, I explained.
“Hmmm” she sighed, clearly defeated by this faultless chain of logic.

We continued building our defences against possible invasion by … Them. This included turning more of the swivel pieces into propellers for my (sorry, I mean our) small squadron of aircraft.

“Is this how boys always play Lego?”, she enquired.
“Yes. This is Boy Lego.”, I informed her.

Then it was time for tea, time for bed and so on, and the Lego stopped.

This morning, I was somewhat disappointed to see that the village had been … *gulp* I can hardly bring myself to say it … demilitarised.

“We prefer Girl Lego!” the two girls announced together.

3 Responses to Lego for boys v. Lego for girls

  1. Perhaps if you built the tank from pink Lego bricks their annoyance could be assuaged?

  2. Nice idea 🙂

    However I think that, given the choice between a fully-armed tank made of pink bricks and a Children’s Play Area made of red/blue/green bricks, they’d choose the latter…

  3. ROFLMAO. /me forwards to teh wife


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